What’s In a Title? A Lot

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What’s in a title is the question. And the answer is “a lot!

I have a forthcoming book from Columbia Teachers College Press in June 2020. It’s on the impact of trauma on education and sadly many children and adults struggle with trauma and its symptomology.

I had tried out and used a variety of tentative titles including Educating for Trauma, Generation Trauma Goes to School. Actually, there are at least 10 emails with title options. Variations on a theme might be a good description.

Titles are not my thing it seems. They need to be good descriptors; they need to be searchable; they need to be appealing. They need to message well. I get it. I see what they should accomplish.

My genius editor at the Press came up with a spectacular title and goodness knows, it is better than I anything I could or would have created. And I tried. The book is now titled: Trauma Does Not Stop at the School Door. How wonderful is that? That’s its title and it’s not changing.

So for all those who are wondering what this new book is called and whether there are several books coming out with different titles, here’s my holiday pronouncement: My new book on trauma is titled Trauma Does Not Stop at the School Door. Look for it in June 2020!

Meanwhile, enjoy the holiday season. And, titles (at least of books) matter.

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P.S. Had the same issues with my book Breakaway Learners. I had some terrible titles for it. Don’t even ask. And the same editor described above developed the title it proudly holds.

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Author, Educator & Commentator; Former President, Southern Vermont College; Former Senior Policy Advisor, US Dept. of Education; Former Law Professor

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