What Am I Feeling?

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As this holiday (so to speak) ends, are you struggling to identify what you and others around you are feeling? Are the feeling strange or off base or is it even hard to find words?

Me too.

That is why Dr. Ed Wang and I (among other reasons) created The Feeling Alphabet Activity Set. It helps you and yours name feelings so you can tame them. Family and friends can each get a set and do the activities remotely or in person. Try 3 positive feelings for every negative one.

This is an activity for our time. It will help. Share how it works for you. Available for download for $4.99 at:


And, this works for people of all ages and stages. We need this as we move forward in these trying times.

Take care. Be safe. Identify your feelings… with help is OK.

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Author, Educator & Commentator; Former President, Southern Vermont College; Former Senior Policy Advisor, US Dept. of Education; Former Law Professor

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