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We are in a national emergency. People are dying. Hospitals are lacking supplies. Schools are closing; colleges are too. People are teleworking. There are quarantines and folks are struggling physically and mentally. Events are cancelled. We are working to contain a virus that is still growing.

I get the value of sports. I adore the NFL and the absence of sports in which to participate and watch is hard on many levels. Athletes are getting the virus (and at least one basketball player was acting irresponsibly when he was found to be positive. Kids without teams are feeling losses.

Now as to the Brady departure tweet.

The word has always been that 43 year old Brady is narcissistic and basically self-absorbed. And he now seems to think we need to pay attention to his tweet goodbye to the Patriots and focus ON HIM and his prospective new team. He wants his name in the news and on our breaths.

Now, if this strategy were to distract us from the doom and gloom of the news and give his something lighter about which to talk and think, that might be a good thing. Like comedy in times of trouble. It is a relief. If Brady wanted to refocus attention from a disease to him to ease OUR minds, I’d say bravo.


But there is nothing eleemosynary in Brady’s tweet. He wants attention on him. He can’t just go about his business. Does he want news? Donate $ and time to help all the people now in need. Create a health supply chain so hospital personnel have what they need to protect themselves and treat all the patients. Want to be known as a leader? Step up and help and focus on others.

I think Tom Brady is, sadly, showing his true stripes. He’s not a real leader. He is a media hog and a self-interested man. He thinks apparently that he should shake the world with his departure news. Here’s what’s shaking the world: a pandemic for which we don’t have answers and too too many questions.

My advice to Brady: be quiet; make your professional decisions and help the world with your fame and money and time to address a global crisis. Step up and play a real game called Life.

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Author, Educator & Commentator; Former President, Southern Vermont College; Former Senior Policy Advisor, US Dept. of Education; Former Law Professor

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