The Question: Can Schools be a Place for Healing Trauma?

Join us for this book chat on January 27th at 5:00 pm. Free of charge.

To answer the posed question here and in the flyer: yes, schools can become places of healing for trauma (and some already are). And what we need to is make them places of healing trauma by helping educators at the macro and micro level create both trauma responsive pedagogy and institutional culture.

Given the state of our world with the Pandemic and in person learning truncated in many locales and illness and death and family dysfunction, we now have violence and threats to our Democratic institutions. All of this, when viewed as a whole, means we need places where children of all ages and stages can find pathways to heal from the trauma of our time. We are living through immensely and intensely difficult problems, solutions to which are imperfect and hard to craft.

To get to “yes,” to use that hackneyed phrase, we need an architecture. I’d articulate it this way. With respect to trauma and its symptomology, first we need name it, then tame it and finally frame it. Name, tame and frame.

Until this January 27th event, which I hope many readers will attend although we are Zoomed out for sure, be well and stay safe.



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Karen Gross

Author, Educator & Commentator; Former President, Southern Vermont College; Former Senior Policy Advisor, US Dept. of Education; Former Law Professor