Lady Lucy’s Quest and Summer Reading

I wrote a children’s book and I saw it as an opportunity to share the value of reading to kids and the joy it can bring. I had a desire to find ways to close the ever growing achievement gap too and I wanted to spend time in pre-K — 6 schools again. (I student taught centuries ago there.) I’ve now read the Lady Lucy story to over 1000 kids in the last 8 weeks — amazing. And, I’ve watched them engage in Lady Lucy’s Quest and her belief in the power of the possible. My observation: bring her home to your kids (and adults like the book too). Activity book is forthcoming and a sequel.

Recently, I did a challenge where if 75 books were sold in two weeks, I would donate 25 books to Palm Cove Elementary School, a school in need with kids in need. Sixty five copies were sold, and I sent 21 books (even w/ slightly incomplete challenge). The teacher gave each child one book to take home to read and to share with their siblings and parents and I FACETIMED with the class yesterday. They were excited and shared how many times already they had read the book. And, since the website is going live this week, I told them how they could write to me over the summer, and I would count how many times they outreached and talk to them again in the fall. Visit the website at

And, the Activity Book is being pilot tested at Molly Stark School in Bennington, VT this summer to see if and how it improves students’ language arts skills (reading, writing, general comprehension). The Activity Book will be adjusted thereafter to reflect which exercises worked effectively. Ideally, we will have some benchmarking too.

I have read reviews of the Lady Lucy book — which have been wonderful — but this review from ReviewLoft truly captured the Lady Lucy story and the role it can play in the development of imagination and dreaming and learning. Enjoy the review and the book — and the joy that comes from seeing kids reading and having fun and growing creatively and intellectually and emotionally.

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