Give an Author as a Gift this Holiday

I have been wondering about really good gifts this year. I want to make sure we give something now that has real meaning. I gave bowls from Serve Kindness and a portion of all sales in donated to a selected charity. And bowls message too — about serving kindness in the form of sustenance and kindness.

Then I realized all the children who haven’t been in school and may not be getting many presentsw Then I thought about the parents who want and can afford to give to their children and their children’s teachers. Then I thought about the grandparents who want to give something to their children or grandchildren that has value.

Add to this that many parents are complaining about the overuse of the Internet and online games. I get that although it is a means of connecting in an otherwise disconnected world. And we need to offer our children quality alternatives, especially kids for whom spending time with peers is better developmentally than time with parents.

And, I do read to children across the globe, on many occasions without charge. But, I created a gift that if purchased by enough adults will let me read to children whose parents cannot afford an author visit or a book or two in 2021.

This “Give an Author Appearance” allows me to read and work with kids. And if all of these 6 time slots are taken, I will offer up my services free to a group of kids in need (in addition to those I already serve). Think about this as a gift that keeps on giving in a myriad of ways. Kids get a PDF of the book used in the appearance; they get the author visit which they can talk about and share with others (inviting friends even to the selected hour) and other children will get the same opportunity down the road.

We need ways to give ably and meaningfully this holiday season. For real. Old traditions are being interrupted. And, we need new traditions. So, give an author visit to your favorite teacher or parent or grandparent. Give the gift that keeps on giving.

Take care and be safe and be well. Watch out for each other.



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Karen Gross

Karen Gross


Author, Educator & Commentator; Former President, Southern Vermont College; Former Senior Policy Advisor, US Dept. of Education; Former Law Professor