• Daniel Tieman

    Daniel Tieman

    I am the founder of Stealth Media Group a Digital Advertising company that helps local businesses generate new customers and be #1 in their Market!

  • James Ronald Guillory

    James Ronald Guillory



    I write about Witch, Magic, Spell, Wiccan world… Only for real Witches: http://bit.ly/2rxVfWn

  • Sherry Gordon

    Sherry Gordon

  • Mandy Antoniacci

    Mandy Antoniacci

    Mind+Body Wellness Author. Columnist. TED Speaker. Founder of upps. Head always in the clouds. #ThePowerOfLookingUp http://www.mandyantoniacci.com

  • Joan Benjamin

    Joan Benjamin

  • Pádraig Sinjun

    Pádraig Sinjun

    I write, train & organize around higher ed. Schools should be run by those who learn & teach there. Let’s end capitalism, white supremacy & heteropatriarchy.

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