Campus Culture, Sexual Assault and Football

Look at this article please:

It is not just fraternities that are causing all the issues with sexual assault on campus: it is campus culture that needs to change. Now. And, it can’t change from the top down alone. It needs to change with students taking charge.

See the below linked piece is which a study spoke about linkages between college football, partying and sexual assault. It is not football per se; it is the partying and excessive drinking and drugs on campuses — and the culture that permits this to prevail and both explicitly tacitly does not tamp down on sexual misconduct.

With Superbowl 50 tonight, ask whether partying and sexual assaults will uptick across the nation and across campuses? Were I a betting person, I’d say yes. And were I a betting person and betting on which team will win — I’d go with Panthers and Cam Newton. No allegation of HGH there to my knowledge (and ask why NFL has not completed its investigation of Peyton). In other words, I don’t think there’s a storybook ending for Peyton in short term. I favor youth and diversity among GBs. The Warren Moon story and his role in helping minority GBs got to me in terms of changing culture and the capacity to make it happen.

Stated differently, I have hope. If you can change football culture, surely we can change campus culture — if there is the will to do so. And therein lies the rub.

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Author, Educator & Commentator; Former President, Southern Vermont College; Former Senior Policy Advisor, US Dept. of Education; Former Law Professor

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